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Electrical Contracting Solutions

Discover New York’s top choice for Electrical Contracting Solutions. Our name says it all – we provide comprehensive, expert Electrical Contracting Services for residential and commercial properties.

Our approach is simple. It’s always better to prevent problems than to fix them. When we support a property, all of the experience and expertise of our full staff of administrators, estimators, engineers and project managers, as well as a full field work force is used to keep everything running the way it should be. And when problems happen, we fix them promptly, professionally, and completely.


ECS for High-Rise,
Co-op & Residential

If you’re a property manager, owner, or developer, you know there’s nothing more important than keeping your tenants safe and happy. It’s also vitally important that your properties be in compliance with DOB regulations. Electrical Contracting Solutions maintains over 1,000 high-rise buildings, as well as, co-operative type housing throughout New York.

In addition to our superior maintenance and repair skills, ECS is New York’s top choice for renovations, service upgrades, energy efficient lighting and more. We’ll help you achieve a more energy efficient property, which can help qualify your property for energy rebates and tax incentives.

Have a DOB Violation? We’ll help you resolve it quickly and completely.

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ECS for Retail,
Commercial & Public Sector

Choose ECS for your Commercial electrical contracting needs. Our experienced, experts have the skills and depth of knowledge required to address even the most challenging repairs, installations, and service upgrades. We’re responsive, fast & thorough to minimize downtime. For retail storefronts, restaurants, tech, light industrial/manufacturing and more. Electronic Contracting Solutions provides service and on-going support to hundreds of commercial clients in the New York area, as well as tasks including generator installation, rooftop fans, switchgear, control wiring, and more.